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Women Empowering Each Other (WEE)

A 501(c)3 non-profit organization, whose goal is to play a vital role in addressing the consequences of poverty and their effects on women and children.


WEE is a volunteer-based, community organization that provides resources and workshops increasing awareness to mental health issues and substance abuse.


WEE also is a linkage to other community organization offering career placement, educational assistance, and other services so that mothers and/or women can live a positive, stress-free life, both socially and economically. 

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WEE Assisting Families in Puerto Rico (2018)

WEE Assisting Families in Puerto Rico (2018)



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Denise Shorter, Founder

As Founder, Denise oversees, coordinates, manages and leads a team providing support to women. Passionate about women empowerment, community involvement, and its possibilities, Denise started the WEE Care project in 2017. WEE Care helps mothers and caretakers be able to provide the essentials needed to empower themselves so that they can provide their children with the necessities needed. Doing so, this minimizes stress, PTSD, hormonal issues, anxiety, and related conditions. Denise is Passionate when it comes to our WEE Care Perinatal Peer Support Team which she and her team facilitates key principles designed to give peer supporters the confidence to create and deliver peer support that meets the needs of women and families affected by mental health problem, and during pregnancy or the postnatal period.

Women Empowering Each Other was founded by Denise Shorter in 2015.

WEE understands many new mothers are stressed, however, too much stress over a long period of time can have a negative impact on the baby. Research shows that as the mother’s stress level rises, the baby’s does as well, and prolonged exposure to stress hormones can impact a baby’s brain development. WEE Care’s goal is to minimize this by assisting mothers in need.

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Tawanya Smith


Tawanya joined WEE in 2016 to help assist in providing necessities to mothers and caretakers in need. Tawanya is a mother of one, glam-mother of one, and aspiring entrepreneur. She has worked in the medical field for 9yrs coordinating in house scheduling and cardiology test for patients. She has a passion for helping others. “I’m a giver by nature and want to be the change I want to see.” Served on the United States Army previously, and has a degree in Medical Office Administration. In her spare time she loves to spend time with family/friends, read, and travel. Tawanya’s goal is to do all she can to bridge the gap and bring awareness to the essential needs of children, as well as empower women and caretakers to be able to provide for themselves and their children.

Stalandria McKinsey

Stalandria is the WEE Care Liason of Women Empowering Eachother. Having been a part of WEE since the very start of it, she has had a lot of experience and takes pride in assisting those that are less fortunate within the community. With her Child Care and Business studies, she has been able to take what she has learned and apply it to Women Empowering Eachother and their clients.

Stalandria has also written her own children’s book called “Fearless Godric”, which was inspired by her first and only son. She is always willing to assist new moms with becoming a little more prepared with motherhood, by sharing any information she has came across and most importantly with the personal knowledge she has gained from being a new mom herself.

“As a mother, myself, I have been able to see how important having diapers and child care neccessities really is. Even when you have a great support system, it can still be a little difficult, so having my own personal experiences brings a whole new importance to providing our clients with the assistance that they need.”

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